What We Do

Social Action Campaign Development

We work with the filmmakers, funders and existing partners to develop a comprehensive Strategic Plan for the film’s audience engagement or social impact campaign. This plan will provide the framework on which the campaign will be built and serve as the primary vehicle for communicating the goals and initiatives of the engagement campaign to funders. Strategic Plans are delivered in 6-12 weeks, depending on the campaign. This includes the following:

  • Define the audience and goals for the campaign.
  • Design a long term strategy and timeline for the film’s distribution and audience engagement.
  • Design a strategy to achieve the defined social action goals.
  • Create a set of concrete actions for individuals, organizations, activists.
  • Develop a robust online engagement campaign (tone, messaging, graphic design, find developers)
  • Create mutually beneficial partnerships with the appropriate NGOs, non-profits, foundations, business associations, government agencies, municipalities.
  • Define key performance indicators.
  • Provide guidance on vendors.


Partnership Development

We will meet or speak with a film’s current list of partners and funders to determine how they best envision working with this film, and what they think the potential for impact is.  Our goal is to create high-level partnerships to build an audience for the film across a range of issue areas, in order to meet the defined distribution or social action goals. In working with partners we seek to:

  • Execute the social action campaign.
  • Identify shared goals and create new initiatives to meet campaign goals.
  • Secure commitments to promote viewership on TV, in theaters and at film festivals.
  • Promote theatrical screenings in areas where their constituency is active.
  • Host influencer and word-of-mouth screenings.
  • Facilitate post-screening conversations and events.
  • Drive group sales for theatrical distribution.
  • Garner press attention and spread awareness.


Community Screenings & Grassroots Distribution

We make sure that the films that need to be seen, do. Through our own network and a strategy designed specifically for the film, Picture Motion books screenings at schools, community centers, churches – essentially we bring the film directly to the audience. We handle all the back-office distribution – so that filmmakers can stay focused on their films. Services include: 

  • Creating the screening request and fulfillment process.
  • Research and outreach to targeted audiences.
  • Coordinating and communicating with screening hosts.
  • Creating event material (discussion guide, resources, template press release, press and promotion guide, etc).
  • Manage the fulfillment of screening materials and returns.
  • Manage payments and refunds.
  • Manage surveys to measure audience response and engagement.


Online Engagement

Using the subject matter as foundation, Picture Motion specializes in launching full spectrum digital campaigns for our clients, offering the following services:

  • Website development. We have a list of developers we work with, but are also happy to work with someone of your choosing.
  • Digital strategy consulting and online campaign management.
  • Social media management.
  • Email communication.
  • Project management for mobile and tablet applications.
  • Managing partnerships with online platforms.
  • Blogger outreach and engagement.
  • Facebook and Twitter advertising campaigns.
  • Graphic design.



We use social media and conversation tracking tools on all our campaigns, and partner with companies, think tanks and foundations to measure and analyze the film’s resulting impact.


We also provide consulting in any of the above areas at an hourly rate.


Our pricing breaks down to three levels: Strategy Development, Campaign Execution, and Consulting. Strategy Development is a flat rate, which varies based on the project, and delivered within 6-12 weeks, also depending on the project.  Campaign Execution includes any of the above listed services and is on a monthly basis, with a minimum of three months. The monthly rate is dependent on the number of services and the film’s distribution.  Consulting is done hourly and typically over the phone. To inquire, please email hello@picturemotion.com or fill out the form on our homepage.