This Time Next Year

February 18, 2014

TTNY PosterAbout the Film

This Time Next Year tracks the resilience of the Long Beach Island, NJ community for one year as they rebuild after 2012’s Hurricane Sandy. Using a mixture of verité, first-person accounts, and the residents’ own footage This Time Next Year is a poetic documentation of a shore community as they battle local politics, cope with personal tragedy, and band together in the face of transition.

About the Campaign

Learning from the Long Beach Island community’s response to Hurricane Sandy, as documented in This Time Next Year, our goal is to use the film help make people, communities and systems better prepared to withstand natural catastrophic events, bounce back quickly and emerge stronger from these shocks and stresses. We will work with organizations and individuals in Long Beach Island, as well as national organizations to develop campaign initiatives and materials to support our mission.  Through the film’s partnerships and screening tour, the campaign will focus on 1) Community organizing for immediate disaster response, 2) Rebuilding homes and neighborhoods and 3) Creating support systems for emotional needs and mental health after loss.

Our Work

Picture Motion managed the film’s impact campaign in 2014, which focused on developing partnerships at the local and national level. After the film’s festival premiere, we organized key screenings in at-risk communities, and coordinated 6 workshops on climate change and disaster preparedness.  Working with the Tribeca Film Institute’s Education program, we distributed the film and curriculum to high schools across the country.

“For many, Hurricane Sandy may prove to be a similar event: a time when the climate crisis — which is often sequestered to the far reaches of our everyday awareness became a reality.” – Al Gore


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