The S Word

November 3, 2017

About the Film

The S Word chronicles a suicide attempt survivor’s mission to find fellow survivors and document their stories of unguarded courage, insight and humor. She discovers a national community rising to transform personal struggles into action. Directed by: Lisa Klein
Produced by: Doug Blush, Julian Cautherley, Kurt Norton, Gianna Maria Smart  

About the Campaign

The S Word is kicking off a robust screening tour bringing the film to college campuses, local theater and community centers to start a much needed conversation focusing on the stigma and silence that surrounds suicide.

Our Work

Picture Motion helped guide the screening tour strategy and helped set up the mechanics of the screening tour including the screening request process, checklists for hosts, action opportunities, and the post-screening survey. We are developping partnerships with Tumblr and Brookings Institute and we researched and reached out to over 1000 organizations, colleges and contacts with information on hosting a screening.

Impact Report

Coming Soon.

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