the bomb

June 26, 2016

donwoodthebomb_posterAbout the Film

the bomb places the viewer in the middle of the story of nuclear weapons – the most dangerous machines ever built – from the Trinity Test in 1945 to the current state of nuclear weapons in 2016. It will explore the culture surrounding nuclear weapons, the fascination they inspire and the perverse appeal they still exert.

It will convey the impossibility of controlling this technology.

the bomb is about the immense power of nuclear weapons, their dark allure and ingenious technology, the computer systems invented to control them, the missiles and bombers built to carry them, the practice of denial and secrecy that perpetuates them, the societal and cultural influence of them, and the profound death wish at the very heart of them.

The audience will experience visual and auditory simulations of nuclear testing/planning/attacks as well as the technological and cultural aspects of nuclear weapons. the bomb will be comprised of archival footage, animation, text, music and the installation design, which will be massive in scale.

The projected images and stories will be non-linear, big, memorable, and inescapable.

About the Campaign

Today, there are more than 15,000 nuclear weapons in the world, and if you live near an urban area, one is likely pointed at you. 1,800 of these weapons are on “high alert,” which means they can be launched within 15 minutes of a command being given.

We know terrorists are interested in seeking nuclear weapons and could exploit the black market for material to make nuclear devices or dirty bombs. Nuclear theft and smuggling is an alarming concern in a world in which we have 2000 tons of nuclear material—not all of which is properly secured or even accounted for. In short, nuclear weapons are likely the greatest threat to global security today.

It’s time to Flip the Script. It’s time to ignite the imagination of the world’s most creative minds and engage them—you—in solving some of the world’s most vexing challenges, from nuclear proliferation to safety and security.

That’s why N Square is building a diverse network of influencers, innovators, and creative problem solvers.

Our Work

Picture Motion worked with filmmakers and experts to convene a brain trust to foster collaboration and spark new ideas about engaging the public in nuclear discourse, starting with the launch of a multi media projects — THE BOMB, COMMAND AND CONTROL, COLLISIONS, JOIN THE CONVERSATION —  at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2016.

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