The Atlantic Philanthropies Short Films

August 7, 2017

About the Project

To celebrate the work of their grantee partners, The Atlantic Philanthropies engaged Flatbush Pictures to produce six short films – each one profiling a different grantee. The issues covered in the short films include: criminal and racial justice, workers’ rights, immigration, social justice and the circumstances of poverty.

Our Work

Working with The Atlantic Philanthropies and their incredible grantee partner organizations – Caring Across Generations, Center For Constitutional Rights, National Immigrant Justice Center, and Oakland Unified School District – Picture Motion is working to identify, reach out to and secure audiences for these short films.

About the Films

Full Circle

After a summer at the Alameda County Juvenile Hall, Orlando is trying to settle back into a normal routine this fall semester. at Skyline High. Saba, the school’s Restorative Justice Facilitator, is going everything in her power to give Orlando the stability and support he needs to stay on track before his probation hearing for the two gun possession charges that landed him in detention. FULL CIRCLE shorts the innovative Restorative Justice programs working to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline in Oakland, CA with some of the highest numbers of African American and Latino student suspensions in the nation.

Learn more about Oakland Unified School District’s Restorative Justice program here.

George And Grace

After three long years in a Ugandan military prison, George – a former student activist – escaped​ captivity, seeking asylum far awa​y from the torture he had endured at the hands of an oppressive and brutal regime. In the U.S.,he met Grace, a fellow Ugandan refugee, and everything changed as they started a family and a life together in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights.

In GEORGE AND GRACE, their story takes a dramatic turn as George is again detained, this time by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who threaten to turn him back into the hands of his former captors.

Learn more about the National Immigrant Justice Center’s work supporting immigrant families, like George and Grace here.

Right To Care

In sunny Los Angeles, hoe to the largest concentration of domestic workers in the country, Teresita and Emily are on the front lines, fighting to bring the caregiving workforce out of the shadows. When they arrived from the Philippines, their first jobs in elderly care were exploitative and isolating. Now, they are fighting to pass a law that will give overtime protections to all domestic workers in California. In the meantime, they continue their work as caregivers under happier conditions. RIGHT TO CARE is a moving portrait of the fast-changing caring economy of the 21s century, where we’re all caregivers in one form, and all in need of care in another.

Learn more about elder care from Caring Across Generations here and domestic workers rights from the National Domestic Workers Alliance here.

Impact Report

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