Left on Purpose

February 26, 2016

About the Film

Midway through the filming of a documentary about his life as an anti war activist, Mayer Vishner declares that his time has passed and that his last political act will be to commit suicide— and he wants it all on camera. Now the director must decide whether to turn off his camera or use it to keep his friend alive. Left on Purpose is a feature length documentary that confronts the growing issues of depression, isolation and aging through an intense character driven story of the relationship between filmmaker and subject. It provides a rare cinematic look at what it means to be a friend to someone in pain.

Directed by Justin Schein and David Mehlman

Produced by Eden Wurmfeld and Yael Bridge

Our Work

Helped to prepare the Sundance Grant.

Researched, managed the development and secured partnerships for the launch of the Elder Health Tree.

Impact Report

Secured funding from Sundance.


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