LA 92

August 5, 2017

About the Film

Twenty-five years after the verdict in the Rodney King trial sparked several days of protests, violence and looting in Los Angeles, LA 92 immerses viewers in that tumultuous period through stunning and rarely seen archival footage. Produced by two-time Oscar winner Simon Chinn and Emmy winner Jonathan Chinn and directed by Oscar winners Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin, the film looks at the events of 1992 from a multitude of vantage points, bringing a fresh perspective to a pivotal moment that reverberates to this day.

Directed by Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin

Produced by Simon Chinn and Emmy winner Jonathan Chinn

About the Campaign

The impact campaign for the film sought to educate and inform audiences about the 1992 LA riots. Picture Motion aimed to empower the film to be a tool for reflection and dialogue around the LA riots and their legacy. LA 92’s release marks 25 years since the riots. Picture Motion facilitated screenings of the film to mark the anniversary, bringing this story back into our current national conversations and policing, race, and the criminal justice system.

Our Work

Leading up to the broadcast premiere of LA 92, Picture Motion produced a two-pronged university screening series. We partnered with six select universities to bring the film as well as a provoking dialogue to their campuses. These screenings were all followed by panel discussions with noted professors and experts. Additionally, Picture Motion produced a nation-wide university screening tour, open to any university to host an event for free. These screenings were smaller and intended to ensure that this film reached audiences across the country.

The Impact

Picture Motion produced 6 advance screenings at Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the lead up to the film’s broadcast premiere as well as 60 additional community screenings across 25 states in high schools, colleges, and nonprofit organizations.

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