Keepers of the Game

August 15, 2016

KOTG_poster_v005About the Film

Born in Akwesasne Mohawk Territory, lacrosse began as a sacred game, traditionally reserved for men. Just off the reservation at Salmon River High in Fort Covington, NY, an all-Native girls lacrosse team comes together, seeking to be the first Native women’s team to bring home a Section Championship. But first, they will have to overcome their crosstown rivals, Massena High. As the season comes to a head, the team is faced with increasing ambivalence in their own community and the girls must prove that the game of lacrosse is their rightful inheritance. With more than just the championship on the line, the girls fight to blaze a new path for the next generation of Native women, while still honoring their people’s tradition in a changing world.
Directed by Judd Ehrlich

About the Campaign

Keepers of the Game aims to raise awareness around the importance of sports for childhood development and the impact of budget cuts on access to youth sports around the country. Through strategic partnerships and screening events, Keepers of the Game will become a powerful tool and platform for coaches, parents, and players, seeking to raise funds for their respective sports programs and teams.

Our Work

Picture Motion will be assisting in working with local Community Marketing Managers to organize screenings across the country. Through local outreach and partnerships, we will help organize panel discussions, post screening conversations and fundraisers to directly benefit youth sports.

The Impact

Picture Motion produced 65 community and school screenings in 48 cities across the country and 12 local DICK’S Sporting Goods markets. These screenings reached over 8,400 students from 19 universities and 26 high schools and middle schools.

In addition, Picture Motion organized a key marketing screening in Houston, a newDICK’S Sporting Goods market. We engaged over 20 local lacrosse leagues around the event and brought over 100+ local athletes to theaters. The event also included their brand ambassador, Paul Rabil, and two new additional influencer contacts in the local Houston area.

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