Hooligan Sparrow

December 23, 2016

hs-posterAbout the Film

When a Chinese elementary school principal who raped six of his students seems poised to receive a light sentence, famed women’s rights advocate Ye Haiyan (AKA Hooligan Sparrow) leads a group of activists in a protest – a move that could end with each participant’s arrest. As filmmaker Nanfu Wang films the demonstration and its aftermath, she becomes embroiled in the government’s effort to harass and intimidate everyone associated with the protest. After being threatened by angry mobs, chased by police, and interrogated by national security agents, Wang discovers the Chinese government’s willingness to target anyone they perceive to be a threat to their control.www.hooligansparrow.com 

About the Campaign

Four of the lawyers in the film are still imprisoned in China. Hooligan Sparrow film campaign is working raise international attention about social injustice and government abuses in china. Four of the activists featured in the film are still in prison today and the film’s goal is to show the world the injustices that the Chinese government is working to hide. The film campaign is also working to utilize the courageous examples of Hooligan Sparrow as a model for protest for individuals looking inspiration and guidance on political activism.

Our Work

Picture Motion designed and developed a strategic social media plan to increase awareness of the film leading up to the Academy Awards nominations on January 24th, for which the film was shortlisted. Picture Motion managed the implementation of the plan, including organic and paid social media; content creation; community management and engagement on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; screenings promotion; and facilitated an AMA on Reddit for Nanfu Wang.

The Impact

During Picture Motion’s month-long campaign, the film’s social media videos reached over 90K viewers. Facebook fans increased by 12.3%, Twitter fans increased by 8.1%, and Instagram fans increased by 9.7%. Our highlight was reaching 527,520 impressions on Facebook.

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