March 8, 2016

About the Film

HAPPENING. is a feature film directed by, and reluctantly starring, Jamie Redford. It shares the story of the strange and occasionally funny year Jamie spends coming to terms with climate change and the path toward a more hopeful clean energy future. It’s produced and distributed by The Redford Center with a broadcast premiere on HBO in 2017.

The film captures the dawn of America’s clean-energy economy as it creates jobs, turns profits, and makes communities stronger and healthier. Audiences will meet some unlikely entrepreneurs and advocates whose work is charting the course for our clean energy future and tackling the obstacles that stand in the way of accelerated progress. From Georgetown, TX and Lehi, UT, to Folsom, CA, Prineville, OR, and Buffalo, NY, progress in these divergent communities reveal exciting clean energy ideas that are democratic, patriotic, increasingly lucrative, and already well underway.

Yet HAPPENING. is not only about being wowed by the clean energy revolution, it gets to something beyond technology. It’s a story about social justice, human resilience, embracing the future, and finding hope for our survival.

About the Campaign

HAPPENING. director and star Jamie Redford spent an intense and often funny year trying to understand and come to terms with one mind-bending problem—climate change—and an equally mind-blowing solution: Renewable energy. The result, is a feature-length film slated for release on HBO in early 2017, which chronicles Jamie’s exploration into the dawn of America’s clean-energy economy as it creates jobs, turns profits, and makes communities stronger and healthier. Filled with humor, animation, compelling characters, groovy music, and some absurd and amazing energy surprises, HAPPENING. showcases the people, places, and ideas that reveal a clean energy revolution that is democratic, patriotic, and well underway.

In addition to the film, is its audience engagement and social impact campaign — THE HAPPENING PROJECT — which will spark a new, engaging, and productive conversation about America’s energy future in order and bolster the efforts of organizations and individuals working on the frontlines of the clean energy movement.

Our Work

To understand how audiences can best make an impact a result of their engagement with HAPPENING. the film, Picture Motion teamed up with The Redford Center to conduct in-depth research, facilitate conversations with relevant organizations working in a range of issue-area spaces that affect the clean energy economy, including environmental justice organizations, wind and solar advocates in the public and private sector, and staff working in the government and on Capitol Hill. Based on our findings and stakeholder interviews, we developed a strategic plan for audience engagement and the film’s social impact campaign. This plan will guide campaign strategy and day-to-day tactical implementation when the film releases on HBO in early 2017.

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