Death by Design

February 26, 2016

About the Film

Death by Design explores the deadly environmental and social costs of the manufacturing and disposal of technology products and digital devices. From China, where most devices are made today, to California and New York, the film shares the underreported stories of environmental degradation and reveals the spread of illnesses linked to an industry that relies on the theory and practice of planned obsolescence. What emerges is a searing look at the lack of accountability prevalent throughout the technology industry today, and the need for drastic change in manufacturing practices.
Directed by Sue Williams.

About the Campaign

The environmental and human impacts of the tech sector are interconnected and multi-faceted, spanning across areas such as electronic waste, forced obsolescence, workers’ rights, and environmental pollution. However, after dedicated research and a series of interviews with various stakeholders, activists, and experts on the subject, one thing is crystal clear: The most pressing action needed from the technology sector is increased transparency.

Our Work

Over the course of the campaign, Picture Motion worked with the filmmakers, and experts from the film and from the issue area to identify how the film could make an impact, hold technology producers accountable for their actions, and why it would be a vital tool for engaging audiences. After these conversations, we developed a strategy that was to be used for funding to carry out the campaign.

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