November 5, 2013

About the Film

BULLY follows five kids and families over the course of a school year giving an intimate glimpse into bullying at schools and offering insight as teachers, administrators and parents struggle to find answers.

About the Campaign

The  social action campaign for the film, The BULLY Project, targeted teachers, students and parents. The 1 Million Kids initiative brought together the film, Donors Choose, Facing History & Ourselves, and First Student to bring kids to theaters. Resources were created to help prepare educators to lead a discussion with their students that focuses on developing empathy and taking action.

Our Work

After the MPAA granted the film an R rating, a high school student started a petition to change that rating – and hundreds of thousands joined her, Picture Motion was brought on to manage the growing social media demand and develop a response strategy. After the film’s theatrical release, Picture Motion focused on executing the youth engagement campaign and supporting the 1 Million Kids initiative. Christie Marchese also served as the campaigns Director of Communications in total, over the course of 9 months, Picture Motion managed the following for BULLY:

  • Social Media and Online Engagement Strategy
  • Director of Communications
  • Youth Partnership Management
  • Youth Engagement Strategy Execution

The Impact

Through a combination of strategic public relations work and an adapting engagement strategy, BULLY became a social change film success story. To date, the campaign has facilitated  screenings for over 250,000 students and 7,500 educators across 120+ cities. The film’s Facebook page serves as a safe space for almost half a million people – of all ages – to share stories and offer support.

Watch BritDoc’s Impact Report on BULLY:

Visit the Film’s Website

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