Betting on Zero

February 10, 2017

About the Film

Allegations of corporate criminality and high-stakes Wall Street vendettas swirl throughout this riveting financial docu-thriller. Controversial hedge fund titan Bill Ackman is on a crusade to expose global nutritional giant Herbalife as the largest pyramid scheme in history while Herbalife executives claim Ackman is a market manipulator out to bankrupt them and make a killing off his billion dollar short. Caught in the crossfire are ordinary Americans forging their financial future, working-class Latinos seeking justice, and a business model affecting the lives of millions around the world.  BETTING ON ZERO weaves uncertainty, deception, hubris, intrigue, and greed in a surprising, deeply emotional dive into the world of money, deception and the American Dream.

  • Director: Ted Braun
  • Producer: Glen Zipper, Zipper Bros Films
  • Producer: Devin Adair, Adair Entertainment
  • Distributor / Client: Gunpowder and Sky
  • PR: Sunshine Sachs

About the Campaign

Picture Motion will work to ensure the BETTING ON ZERO Screening Tour helps continue to lift the veil on Herbalife, support the efforts bringing justice to the people who were preyed upon, and pressure government organizations, like the FTC, to ensure Herbalife restructures or it gets shut down.

Our Work

  • Betting on Zero Screening Tour: Picture Motion will lead all outreach efforts to bring Betting on Zero to schools, nonprofits and communities across the country. We will reach out to organizations, venues and individuals to drive bookings of the film around it’s theatrical release in Spring of 2017.
    • GOAL: Produce 10-15 grassroots screenings of BETTING ON ZERO leading up to and during the Film’s theatrical release.
  • Screening Kit: To ensure screening hosts make the most out of their events, and to support the later digital release of Betting on Zero, we will create a screening kit for hosts.

The Impact

Coming soon.

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