Atomic Homefront

August 5, 2017

About the Film

ATOMIC HOMEFRONT reveals St. Louis, Missouri’s atomic past as a uranium processing center for the Atomic bomb and the governmental and corporate negligence that lead to the illegal dumping of Manhattan Project radioactive waste throughout North County neighborhoods. Our film is a case study of how citizens are confronting state and federal agencies for the truth about the extent of the contamination and are fighting to keep their families safe. Directed by Rebecca Cammisa. This is an HBO Documentary Film.

About the Campaign

The film documents those who have mobilized to get answers, created a powerful coalition and continue to fight for environmental justice. The goal of the campaign is to ensure federal agencies step in and clean up the West Lake Landfill, currently a Superfund Site. Further, the film is being used to raise awareness of the 1322 Superfund sites across the country and as a powerful tool to organize and galvanize communities facing similar roadblocks in the fight to clean up these toxic sites.  

Our Work

Engaged non-profit organizations in the DC area to attend the premiere of the film at AFI DOCS, collaborated with the subjects of the film and the Missouri delegation on a roundtable discussion on Capitol Hill in preparation for a meeting with the EPA.

The Impact

Coming soon.

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